My amazing new discovery

From time to time you hear chaps preaching and teaching who share their amazing new discovery about, for example, who wrote Hebrews, or what the main purpose of Romans is, or what Jesus really meant by the third beatitude...

Forgive my less than enthusiastic response. I'll try harder to be more excited in the future.

At the same time, come on...

I suppose it is strictly speaking possible that the thirty-something years old pastor trained in the EWFCNNPPQ pastors' training course and ministering faithfully in Little-Spitting-on-the-Marsh will make a discovery that has eluded the most eminent doctors of the church for two thousand years. (substitute the Master of Divinity programme of Canterbury School of Theology, Pittsburgh according to your background, obviously) 


But not terribly likely.

I suppose what I am calling for is a small dose of humility. We haven't solved all the enigmas of science, or of biblical interpretation, or of much else, for that matter.

And you don't need innovations and brand new insights to be able to take people on in their understanding of the Scriptures and in their life of holiness. In fact innovations and brand new insights are more likely to be signs of problems than of strength.


Emmanuel said…
Thanks for this.

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