Autocool vs Renault Rent

Our car pool club, Autocool, has preferential tariffs with the local Renault Rent place which, as it happens, is in the road parellel to ours. So for the Bible Study at Blaye yesterday I thought I'd book a car for 24hours and see how prices compare.

I clicked on the "Our partner, Renault Rent" link from the autocool site and booked the car. A Twingo for 24 hours to do 150 kms.

When I went to the office to collect the car I discovered that in fact the site had not applied the Autocool rates and that now nothing could be done. "Next time phone us to book a car". So off I went.

The negatives - it did work out more expensive. Also you have the whole stressful car inspection thing at the end.

The positive - no "Get it back by 5" stress, so I popped into the supermarket in Bourg as I passed it and got the shopping.

This morning before returning the car I looked on the Autocool website to see how much it would cost for a car to go and conduct the funeral today. 50€ all-in.

I took the car back, then said to the guy, "OK, how much to book a car via Autocool for 24hours." Well, you do get an automatic upgrade to the next size up of car, but it worked out to 53€ without fuel. Fuel would come to another 15€ roughly.

I think he worked it out wrong. I'll phone later and see if I get the woman I dealt with yesterday.

But otherwise Autocool is best !


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