Heatwave 2

 Yesterday we almost certainly hit 40°C in Bordeaux. Deep-cleaning the old flat was limited. Unpacking in the new flat was light duties only. Despite this we are starting to arrive at something livable.

The kitchen still needs attention. Basically we await the delivery of a drawer front today, followed by the visit of the kitchen fitter (to be scheduled), followed by placing the fridge and the cooker in their permanent homes. (The cooker is low, so will sit on a plinth. The fridge is displaced but functioning fine. A new hose will enable the dishwasher to be connected. The hose should arrive tomorrow.)

Tomorrow we expect rain and temperatures in the low 20s. This will accompany the "visite conseil" of the letting agency, to specify the hoops through which we must jump in order to be refunded our deposit. We will have two weeks to achieve this feat. Or not.

Last time we moved I expected our deposit to be refunded, and it wasn't. This time my expectations are lower.

Meanwhile we're back to work, and the café will open next week.


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