I have a recorded delivery for Patricia Davey

 Our notaire (it’s a cross between a solicitor and a Lord Chief Justice) asked whether we’d received a thick packet of papers from the builder’s notaire.

No. We hadn’t.

All was explained last Friday when the postman rang the intercom to say that he had a recorded delivery for Patricia Davey. 

OK. I descend. I replied.

I did so, to be greeted by a friendly young postman bearing two thick envelopes, each recorded delivery, one to me and one to Pat.

Sorry about the delayed delivery, he said.

Well, it’s not your fault, it’s the system.

He looked at me sheepishly, « well in this case I am not sure I helped the system to function as it should…»

« Oops! Oh well, it hasn’t made a lot of difference on this occasion. »

Posted on April 14th, it’s a packet of specifications, certificates and information relating to the purchase of our apartment. We had 30 days to peruse and to respond.


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