It had to happen

 We've had a covid scare. It was overdue. After all, at least a quarter of our folk work with children. Small children. The type that pick their nose then pat you on the cheek to get your attention. Anyway.

Word reached us yesterday that one of our number has covid. 

I messaged the couple concerned. "We're about to get tested". The chap doesn't have it, but his wife does, with mild symptoms of a runny nose.

Quick time of deliberation. 

1) Inform all the folk who were at the Bible Study on Wednesday that they need to get tested.

2) Move our Bible Studies online until the all-clear is sounded.

3) Go get tested and see what we do from there.

Messages were duly sent, repeated and reinforced. "you should get tested" turned into "you really need to" turned into "you must get tested". English is so subtle and flexible :-(

Then I hied me off to the pharmacy, which was suspiciously empty. Like just three customers and two staff. I got to the counter. It was the pharmacist. He's a good bloke.

Je dois me faire tester.

Vous avez le droit ? 

I laughed, I hadn't considered how to assert my right to have my proboscis probed.

Je suis cas contact et la personne a des symptômes - mais rien de grave.

He gave me the form to fill in and I went to await the exploratory mission.

By the time the second member of staff came down we were three waiting. I wanted to let the women go first but no, it was strict first come first probed.

Voilà. Si c'est positif on vous appelle tout de suite. Sinon vous recevrez le message avant ce soir.

I have my phone set to silence calls from unknown numbers - they go straight to the answerphone - so I unset that and waited for a while. Then about 15 minutes later I got the text message. 



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