Back to school today

 Our flat overlooks a primary school and today it's back to school day.

I first noticed a tall guy walking with a small boy beneath our window, chatting as they loped and trotted along. They crossed the future gardens to get the the school. Halfway across the man slipped a mask onto his face.

We're outside the area where you have to wear a mask in the street in Bordeaux. It stretches from the station, about 8 minutes walk away, to just before where the church meets, but doesn't include our immediate area! You're also exempted if you're running or riding a bike. You do, however, have to have a mask on in the immediate vicinity of the school gates.

Meanwhile small groups of parents and children appeared at the far end of the car park and followed the same route. A little procession left the flats further down, each mother masked, the children scuttling cheerfully.

A flotilla of bikes came round the corner and crossed the future gardens, adult and child gliding along, all unmasked. Oh the joys of bicycles in these pestilent days. 

Leter we'll hear the children playing in the school yard.


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