chez le nouveau médecin

 I have to have a small investigation under general anaesthesia in early October - just to make sure I don't have what my father had - and the anaesthetist wants me to take my "Blood Group Card" to my appointment at the end of September.

"Blood Group Card"? I went to the blood laboratory of my choice, at the bottom of Cours Victor Hugo, where I learned that they can do it, it costs 50€, but you get that back if your doctor writes a prescription.

I stewed on this for a while. My doctor is about 45 minutes journey away by tram and a short unpleasant walk, so going to see her generally takes a whole morning. But opposite our pharmacy where the nurses' office is there's now a plaque for a GP.

I searched on Doctolib, our online appointment service. An appointment was available for this morning.

Along I toddled. He's a young chap with a man bun. As I waited he said goodbyre to his previous patient, "Bye, have a nice day". Ah! He speaks English.

We didn't though. I explained what I needed and he made me a nice prescription and told me where the nearest laboratory is. "Are they better than Cours Victor Hugo?" (one of the best rated labs on Google Maps!) 

"Just the same!" he said.

My appointment was for 9:15. I left the flat at 9, took the stairs instead of the lift and walked slowly so as not to be too early and still arrived at 9:08. I was out at 9:28. In addition (no pun intended) you don't pay him. Your social security and top-up insurance pay him directly.

I might switch.  


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