On the road to choir

When Pat used to sing with the choir we would take the train from Gare-Saint-Jean to Pessac, then bus 4 to the rehearsal rooms. Now choir rehearsal has changed evenings and Pat has another commitment that evening, so I go alone. But I just take the bus.

The journey takes almost the same amount of time, but instead of charging off to buy your ticket, get the train and so on and so forth, you just hop on the bus and change buses at Barrière de Pessac.

Well last night I set off to get my bus. On the way Google maps alerted me that if I hoofed it a little I'd get an earlier bus, so hoof it I did.

And all was going just swimmingly until... at a fork in the road a large box van and an awkwardly parked car meant that the bus couldn't get through.

The bus driver sounded the horn to try and attract one or other driver. Honk. Honk. And thrice honk. Many more honks. To no avail.

We were being watched by some young guys, students? from their upstairs flat. I nodded to one. He nodded back.

More honking. Now some cars were stuck behind us. They honked, too. The lads smiled and gestured to encourage them.

After a couple of minutes a small crowd of burly chaps gathered. One proposed a solution. "If we bounce this car we can move it a couple of inches." It was a big car, so about 6 people grasped various vantage points around the rear.

It took a few attempts, but eventually the plan worked. We rolled on.

I was still 20 minutes early for rehearsal, and this being Bordeaux, almost everyone else was 15 minutes late.


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