Couple updates

I'm really getting the hang of this transatlantic idiom now.

We've had a visit from Matt and Suzy from Deeside, so I've been less present on the inter web lately. But meanwhile a few things have happened:

1) we've sent off our requests for an interview for a 10-year carte de séjour (right to remain).

I hope I've done it correctly. I gave someone the wrong email address for something important yesterday because of rushing and not focusing on what I was doing...

2) It's become suddenly autumnal. Chilly in the mornings and not always that warm in the afternoons, either.

3) Catrin has her ticket now for South Africa? She's flying Iberian with a change of plane in Madrid, leaving mid January and returning mid May.

4) Catrin has been charged with finding an electric piano for the French project - something easy to carry either in a car or on the tram. There's a very basic 5-octave Yamaha that may do the trick.

5) We've greened up our flat with a variety of plants - some aloes, some sansevierias, a chlorophytum, a dracaena, a ficus, the usual suspects.

Here's Saturday's panorama. The tower is advancing swiftly!


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