Running on pause

Running has been on pause since last week because I hurt my leg getting on the bus.

Oh look, I'm getting in practice for being a bumbling old duffer, OK?

I've pretty well perfected the bumbling.
I hope that old will come naturally.
Now I'm working on the duffer part.

Anyway last Wednesday evening Patricia and I were getting on the bus. She'd had some problems scanning her bus card. I was watching to make sure it worked OK rather than looking where I put my feet. I missed the step and slammed my shin into the side of the bus.


Later that evening I wondered if it was broken, but I could move my foot normally, so I slathered it in ibuprofen and arnica.

Now, a week later, the lump has almost gone, the bruise is progressing through the spectrum, the pain is subsiding and I am taking great care when I get on the bus.


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