It's all happening, isn't it!

500th anniversary of the posting of Luther's 95 theses.
I finally got to open my PlayMobil Luther figure.
And we put the clocks back an hour.

It's a good job that today is a public holiday in France to allow us to get over all the excitement.

Toussaint, All Saints' Day, is the big deal here, and outside the cemeteries there'll be lots of stalls selling potted chrysanthemums for people to buy and place on the graves of their loved ones. Chrysanthemums are good because they are pretty hardy.

But because it's a public holiday the streets are very quiet. The number 42 bus that turns the corner just outside our flat doesn't run on Sundays or public holidays, so it gives us a real sense of stillness.

I went for my run earlier and nothing was moving at all. No sound of cars in the distance. Just stillness. And of course my clump, clump, clump and the Schubert going round and round in my head.

November 1st is also the day it gets cold in Bordeaux, usually. This year I turned the heating on last Sunday, though. Two or three days early.

For me it's a day of admin. I have LOTS of that to do. Some is in French legalese that will be tough and tiring. Oh well... The sooner I tackle it the sonner it will be done.


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