Pat's exam day

Pat had her TCF ANF (Test de Connaissance de Français - Acquisition de Nationalité Française) at the Alliance Française yesterday. We decided to make it a little special by going into town for lunch. It would have to be a hurried lunch because she had to be there for 13:15.

We messed up our plan by leaving the house too late and just missing a number 4 bus, so we arrived in town with just an hour to eat and get to the exam centre. OK. Subway it is. Two mega sandwiches eaten in the street later I waved her goodbye and went off to explore Bordeaux.

Pat stared at cartoons and strained to hear recordings before ticking random boxes.

Meanwhile I scoured two stores in Bordeaux looking for a pale yellow top for her before finally giving in and having an ice cream.

After her "chat with a friend about preparing for a job interview" we met up and looked at the yellow tops I'd found. She bought a pale blue one as well as a surprise birthday present for me. We then went to one of the new posh tea-rooms before heading home.

So far so good. Now three weeks for the results to be available.

Meanwhile, on the physical front, yesterday began my run round the vines, 3km through the fog. Then as we walked back to the flat in the evening I checked how far I'd walked during the day - 18000 steps, about 10 miles in total.

I slept well.


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