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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My lavatorial crisis

I am one of these folks (sometimes called 'men', I think) who puts off going to the loo. Here's how my inner dialogue goes :

"I need the loo - oh the bus is here in two minutes, I'll go after the journey."
"I need the loo - oh there's xxx, I'll go after our chat."
"I need the loo - oh there's one in the shopping mall, I'll go there later"

I kind of believe that at present while I can wait, and until I can't wait, it does me no harm to wait and may even do me some good.

Until ...

I got to the shopping mall and found the loos.

"40 centimes please."
I had 18.
"I don't have enough"
The woman shrugged - the shrug of impotent humanity before an unfeeling and brutal universe.
"Do you know where the nearest free toilets are ?"
"There's some in the square somewhere."

I know that square very well indeed. There's no toilets in that square.

I quickly surveyed my options.
1) I could throw myself on the woman's pity... No. She was as unfeeling and brutal as the universe she personified.
2) Well one floor down the car park levels start and it would not be difficult to find a dark corner. behind a school-run SUV.. No.
3) In the square is the cathedral and it is not unknown to see chaps using a little corner... No.

I hoofed it up to Gambetta and the automatic superloo.

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